• Hi everyone,

    My name is Diana and I’m the owner of Floral Esthetics. I was born in another country and came to United States not that long time ago. The truth is that I’ve never wanted to be a florist, I graduated from university with economic major and always imagined myself working in the big corporation, but something went wrong …that’s a really long story, but I came to understanding that I want to be more creative and make something really extraordinary beautiful, so I decided to do an online floral courses (since I’ve always loved flowers) and you know what? I actually fall in love with it and I really happy that at some point of my life I’ve made this decision. My floral shop is a projection of me, how I see things and what I like. I’d describe my style as modern and organic with some notes of classic. I always trying to find new inspiration in nature of Cape Cod, traveling all over the country and abroad. I believe that no matter what you do, if you really love and enjoy it, it will be amazing.