About us

Why do people give flowers? Flowers are a natural gift that throughout our history has fascinated people with exceptional beauty and aroma, the contemplation of which can give us aesthetic pleasure. Therefore, the place of flowers in our life is the most intimate and is always located close to our beloved ones. They are the perfect way to share warm feelings, love, appreciations, congratulations and just to make other person happy. 

...but unfortunately nowadays (when large online platforms promising to deliver anywhere in America on the same or next day and declare "excellent service and quality", but in fact people receive completely different) it’s really easy to get bad experience and thereby spoil the mood not only for yourself but for recipient too...The disappointment often comes when you see beautiful picture and order one thing and getting another...what doesn’t look really nice and completely different from the picture. That is why it's very important to choose a right florist.


...After we had couple bad experiences like this we decided just to buy flowers in supermarkets and make bouquets ourselves for some occasions and then the idea of opening floral business wasn’t long in coming...And here we are after a few months of studying in academy of floristry and several years of following best florists in Instagram...We opened our own online flower store.

We offer arrangements in different colors and shapes as we see it and such as we would like to receive ourselves. We always working on our new designs and our collection will only expand over the time. Our main product is bouquets, firstly because they have a more festive look as a gift through the wrapping and shape, and secondly, because no one really does it. However, on our website you can always choose a Vase as an option, this is a more classic and interior style of arrangement. We make them in single copy, so we don’t want to promise you the exact copy of the picture you saw, cause it’s almost impossible and boring..:) We will make sure your arrangement is unique and beautiful! All we need here is your trust. And to proof that we deserve it as a part of our customer service we provide photo before delivery, so you can see what kind of arrangement you getting.


Our top priority is to satisfy our customers by making and delivering unique flower arrangements and providing excellent customer service all over the Cape Cod 7 DAYS A WEEK. 
Thank you for your support and feedback!